Collection: Candies

Looking for a sweet treat to satisfy your cravings? Our selection of candies has something for everyone.

Try out some of our unique flavours, such as Anis de Flavigny (Organic Candy), Berlingots Bonbons Saveur (Hard Candy), Chocolate Covered Almonds L'Olive du Soleil, and Catherine Soft Liquorice Wheels.

We also offer a variety of fruit pates and lollipops, including Fruit Pate (Individual), Fruit Pate Lucien Georgelin, Lollipops Caramel Box of 10, and Lollipops Fruit Box of 10.

For a nostalgic treat, try out our Rendez-Vous Mini Bonbons (6 Flavours), Pierrot Gourmand Fruit & Caramel Lollies (Triangular), Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles, Treacle Toffees (Walker's), and Violette Candy Bag.

And don't forget about our Candied Pecans (One Bag), the perfect sweet and savoury treat.

Pre-order for pickup or visit us at 1879 Gerrard St E, Toronto. Call (416) 992-4607 for more information.