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More Than A Boulangerie

The simplistic beauty and splendour of Alsace baked into chic French breads, pastries and cakes.

Experience the mouth watering aromas and tastes of the lively boulangeries and patisseries in Alsace, France. Petit Paris is a boutique pastry shop that exudes a vintage, swanky vibe blended with long, upheld artisanal values. Petit Paris is more than just a boulangerie. It's a hotspot for exciting flavors, evocative fragrances and eye-catching indulgences. We are excited for you to join us, even for a quick coffee. Come on in and join us for indulgences, savory and sweet!


Evoking the simplistic beauty and splendor of Alsace, France here in Toronto!

1. High Standards
Our bakers use authentic French hand techniques and a meticulous fermentation process.
2. Naturally Fresh
Never frozen, no preservatives, Petite Paris bakes all products fresh every day using only natural ingredients.
3. High Quality
Our 4000 sq.ft. home base handles all production, ensuring the highest degree of freshness and luscious taste.

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