Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Petit Paris is a brand of brands and is committed to bringing the best products to the Beaches community. The owner of Petit Paris is of Jamaican origin and he has always known about the amazing coffee that is produced in Jamaica. We came across a rare find, coffee beans with a unique and robust flavour that originate from the Petit Paris owner’s birthplace, Kingston, Jamaica.

David, the founder of the brand of coffee that we offer and his wife were not really coffee drinkers when they met. His wife, who is Jamaican notes that Jamaicans don't drink coffee. When he and his wife came across Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee during a work event they were enamoured. They were inspired to get into the coffee business and worked with a coffee expert to master the import/export process. Ridgelyne 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is licensed by JACRA Jamaica Agriculture Commodities Regulatory Authority.

You can tell that it is certified because it has a special seal on the bag. It is also free from additives, fillers or impurities. JACRA prohibits the use of chemicals and child labour. Coffee cherries are only harvested by hand when they are ripe and the only agent used to process the coffee is water. This coffee is sourced, processed, inspected, roasted and packaged by a master roaster. The coffee is received by air freight rather than by the cheaper method of ocean shipping to ensure the coffee beans are not exposed to extreme temperatures. The coffee beans are always stored in optimal conditions.

In addition to offering exceptional quality, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee also has a social purpose. For every dollar spent on this coffee 7.5% is donated to Guava Ridge Basic School located high in the Jamaica Blue Mountains which is for the children of the coffee workers and a nearby government orphanage. The owner and his wife, as well as the owner’s colleague each make a 2.5% donation. Ridgelyne 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee also supports small local farmers who have made growing coffee a way of life and earning a living.

By now we hope you have realized what a gem Ridgelyne 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is and are excited to give it a try! Invigorate and captivate your taste buds each morning as you awaken to this beautiful coffee experience.

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