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French Connection


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Brets Chips


Roasted Chicken Camembert Salt and vinegar Wood Fire Pizza Aioli Garlic Paprika Candied Onion & Balsamic vinegar Tandoori chicken Roasted Peppers & Chorizo sausages

Shortbreads (Four flavours)


Lemon Pure Butter Raspberry Pure Butter Dark Chocolate Pure Butter Salted Caramel Chocolate Pure Butter

Nougat (5 Flavours)


Caramel Hazelnut Almond Coffee Pistachio Tiramisu

Mini BN


Chocolate & Strawberry

Rendez-Vous Mini Bonbons (6 Flavours)


Mixed fruit Coffee Mentol Eucalyptus Lemon Forest Orchard fruits

Anis de flavigny (Organic Candy in Three flavours)


Organic Candy in a Oval Tin Blackcurrant Ginger Lemon 

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