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"For the Love of Paris" Gift Basket Delights


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Gift Baskets - Build your own basket - Add any of our products to your "Medium" basket


Step 1 - Pick your basket size (Medium or Large from the Product list) Step 2 - Pick the products you want to add to the basket Step 3 - Click to buy Step 4 - We will have the basket ready in 24 hrs for pick up or delivery (additional charges apply)

Herbal Teas


Gentle morning Passion Fruit Pear Ginger

Hibiscus Flowers Syrup


Add it to your bubbly, sauces or pastry cream to add a unique flavor

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (1/4 lb)


Pick from our choice of medium or dark roast. We bring to you authentic certificated Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from Kingston Jamaica. We bring to you coffee licensed by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.Only Ridgelyne brand 100% pure Premium Grade Number 1 certified genuine whole bean Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee. No blends, pre-ground or instant. This Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is 100%...

Jams from France (Four Flavours)


Jams preparation cooked in Cauldron Raspberry Mirabelle Plums 4 Citrus Preparation Apple 

Rendez-Vous Mini Bonbons (6 Flavours)


Mixed fruit Coffee Mentol Eucalyptus Lemon Forest Orchard fruits

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